Airplane Seat Belt Keychain | Rainbow | Shiny Finish

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Key Features:

  • Colour: Rainbow
  • Finish: Shiny
  • Size: Length 10.5 cm x Width 3 cm
  • Seat belt buckle size: 3 cm x 3 cm
  • Detachable seat belt buckle

Get belted up and ready to go with this fantastic Shiny Rainbow Airplane Seatbelt Keychain. A fun addition to any key ring collection, it is made from top quality materials and designed to add character to any keychain, flight bag or handbag. Inspired by the classic airplane seat belt, it features a rainbow colour strap and a silver shiny finish seat belt buckle, which can be detached from the keyring by simply lifting the flap, as you would on a real aircraft.

Airplane Seat Belt Rainbow Keychain with shiny buckle is a fabulous gift idea for pilots, cabin crew, travellers, plane spotters, and anyone working within the aviation industry, especially those who are constantly losing their keys and guarantees to please, whatever the occasion. For ease of use, it is equipped with a classic keyring attachment and can be secured to your door, car or locker keys within seconds.