Our bit for the Planet


We are doing our best to be Eco-friendly so we can live in cleaner environment and breathe fresher air for us now and for our children in the future.

We are aiming for operating paperless day to day operations in order to reduce our paper usage.

Most of our packaging is made from recycled and responsibly supplied paper where possible and we encourage our customers to try to re-use the package they received from us or recycle appropriately. We are reusing lots of packaging in which we receive goods for storage and distribution and moving our goods between warehouses, so they would be used more than once and if they cannot be used anymore we responsibly recycle them in our local recycling center.
Majority leaflets, brochures and other printed material is made from 100% recycled paper and supplied from sustainable sources. And if they are not yet, we are working with our suppliers to ensure we will use paper from sustainable sources.

We are working with new ideas how to make less impact on surrounding nature and we will share more exciting eco projects with you.

Do you have a tip how to reuse our packaging then we would really love to hear from you! Please share your ideas with us!

We believe that small steps and minor changes will make a huge impact to the environment and the planet we live in.

Please join us and let's make the difference.