Emirates Airbus A380 Silver Edition - A6-EDA

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Key Features:

Colour: Silver
Size: 35 x 88 mm
Made from: recycled aircraft skin
Last Airline: Emirates 
Aircraft Type: Airbus A380
Aircraft Registration: A6-EDA
Aircraft Serial Number:  MSN 11
First Flight: 2007
Last Flight: 2020
Limited Edition: 380 pieces


Important: Every Emirates Airbus A380 (A6-EDA) silver edition tag is unique. Depending on which part of the aircraft it was made may vary in the colour and haptics. Small irregularities such as dents and scratches tell the plane’s long history and convey the feeling of its glory days above the clouds.

Capture a piece of aviation history with this exclusive Aircraft Skin Tag Edition of the Emirates Airbus A380 - A6-EDA. Featuring 6,319 landing tags and 380 unique designs, this commemorates the 6.37 years that this aircraft flew and the 2.1 million passengers it carried. Great for plane enthusiasts, this limited edition memento celebrates one of the world’s most iconic airlines.

Each tag features a unique back side, including information on the aircraft's original destination and its serial number from an edition of 380 tags.

Plus, a portion of proceeds benefit the Emirates Airline Foundation. Collect your own piece of history today!