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Roster Buster and Aviamart have teamed up to offer you 30 days free of RosterBuster app for all new customers. Simply sign up via link below and enjoy 30 days free of this great crew roster app.

What is RosterBuster?

RosterBuster provides and easy to use app which downloads your airline's roster or flight schedule. You can see your duties, who you are flying with, maps of your upcoming routes, cool and interesting flight statistics, airport indoor maps (80), see the current weather (TAF/METAR/ NOTAM), know your current time-zone and lots more features!

Invite your friends to become friends on Roster Buster and share your roster! This way we make it easy to keep friends and family up to date and you can organise friend meet-up when your are in the same destination.

Why to choose Roster Buster?

  1. The #1 Crew App
  2. Roster Buster provides easy download of your airline’s roster to your mobile device with their native iOS and Android app. They currently supports 380+ airlines.
  3. Easy synchronise your events, iCal, iCloud Calendar, Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, Outlook Calendar or to your desktop PC.
  4. Transfer flights and other events into LogTen Pro X, Safelog, iFltCrew iLog, Pilots Pal, Crew Alert or a PDF. You can also export to JSON or CSV formats.
  5. Meet your friends! See your friend's rosters and receive alerts when you're going to the same place at the same time, layover suggestions. Also you have direct access to your friends' rosters.

How to claim 30 days FREE subscription?


Simply follow the link below, make sure voucher code AVIAMART is visible when you sign up!

Join Roster Buster!

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Download RosterBuster App from App Store or Google Play.
When signing up use code AVIAMART, which will give you 30 days FREE subscription!


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