Aviationtag Iberia Airlines A320 Aircraft Skin Tag in white colour with packaging - Aircraft Registration EC-FGR

Aviationtag Airbus A320 - White (Iberia) EC-FGR

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Key Features:

Colour: White
Size: 35 x 88 mm
Made from: recycled aircraft skin
Aircraft Type: Airbus A320 – 200
Aircraft Registration: EC-FGR
First Flight: 1991
Last Flight: 2013
Limited Edition: 5000 pieces

Each Iberia Airlines A320 White tag is part of limited edition collection and is one of a kind with a unique serial and aircraft registration number, so the origin of the material can be traced all the way to when the plane was first sold. 

Important: Every Iberia A320 White tag is unique. It may vary in the thickness, colour and haptics and it purely depends on the part of the aircraft the tag was crafted from. Small irregularities tell of a plane’s long history and convey the feeling of its glory days in the sky. 

Original Aircraft Skin tag of Iberia A320 in white was designed and crafted in Cologne, Germany.