Aviationtag Airbus A340 SAS Airlines - Grey/White - Reg: LN-RKG - 0518

Aviationtag Airbus A340 SAS Airlines - Grey/White - Reg: LN-RKG - 0518

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Key Features:

Colour: Grey/White Serial Number: 0518/8000
Size: 35 x 88 mm
Made from: recycled aircraft skin
Last Airline: SAS
Aircraft Type: Airbus A340
Aircraft Registration: LN-RKG
Aircraft Serial Number:  MSN 424
First Flight: 2001
Last Flight: 2020
Limited Edition: 8 000


Important: Every SAS Airbus A340 aircraft skin tag in grey/white with serial number 757 is unique. Depending on which part of the aircraft it was made may vary in the colour and haptics. Small irregularities such as dents and scratches tell the plane’s long history and convey the feeling of its glory days above the clouds.

Aviationtag has been crafting Original Aircraft Skin tags since 2015. Airbus A340 aircraft skin tag in silver/white with serial number 518 tag is made from 100% authentic original airplane skin which belonged to SAS Airlines. Each tag is part of limited edition collection and is one of a kind with a unique serial 518 and aircraft registration numbers, so the origin of the material can be traced all the way to when the plane was first sold. Small blemishes, dents and imperfections on the tags bear witness to the plane’s long history and are an authentic reminder of its glory days over the clouds. All Original Aircraft Skin Tags are made in Germany and for the most part, are painstakingly crafted by hand right at our small manufacture in Cologne.