Aviationtag Boeing B707 - (Lufthansa) D-ABOD

Aviationtag Boeing B707 - (Lufthansa) D-ABOD

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Key Features:

Colour: Choose from the menu above
Size: 35 x 88 mm
Made from: recycled aircraft skin
Airline: Lufthansa
Aircraft Type: B707
Aircraft Registration: D-ABOD
Aircraft Serial Number: MSN 17720
First Flight: 1960
Last Flight: 1976
Limited Edition: only 1 000 pieces


Material of this truly historic plane was left in its original condition in order to preserve its aura. This means that this special edition has chipping, several layers of overlapping paint and also foiled layers where the foil sometimes buckles slightly. The serial number might be hard to read or not readable at all.

If the perfect imperfections were removed, the Aviationtag would be shiny and white – but no longer as authentic. This is not an edition for your key chain or luggage – this is one for your display case. If that bothers you, we recommend you go for one of our other Lufthansa editions.

Lufthansa B707 aircraft tag is part of limited edition collection and is one of a kind with a unique serial and aircraft registration number, so the origin of the material can be traced all the way to when the plane was first sold. 

Important: Lufthansa B707 aircraft tag is unique. It may vary in the thickness, colour and haptics and it purely depends on the part of the aircraft the tag was crafted from. Small irregularities tell of a plane’s long history and convey the feeling of its glory days in the sky. 

Original Aircraft Skin tag of Lufthansa B707 aircraft tag was designed and crafted in Cologne, Germany.