Bag To Life Captains Keychain / Key Holder - Yellow

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Key Features:

  • Colour: Yellow and Red
  • Made from up-cycled aircraft life jacket
  • With whistle, carabiner and two hang tags in signal colours
  • Can be used as keychain or luggage tag

The Captain's Key Holder in bright yellow won't be easily overlooked! This awesome Bag To Life Key holder features whistle, carabiner and two hang tags in signal colours. Made from genuine up-cycled aircraft life jacket parts.

Material: life jacket (depending on the original vest 100% polyester, 100% polyamide, 100% polyester with PVC coating), woven ribbon (100% polypropylene), eyelet made of metal, carabiner made of aluminium, key ring made of metal and signal whistle

Important Notice: 

Every captain keychain is unique and made from recycled material. Therefor design pattern will vary and may not match the product image on the website.