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Cathay Pacific B747-400 "Uniform-Juliet"

Cathay Pacific B747 "Uniform-Juliet"

Legendary B-HUJ (aka “Uniform Juliet”) Boeing 747-400 has already made aviation history on multiple occasions. After clocking up 21 years of service was the last Jumbo jet retired from Cathay Pacific fleet.

In 1998 Cathay Pacific "Uniform-Juliet" performed the longest (at that time) transpolar flight from New York to Hong Kong (8590 miles) and was also the first aircraft to have the privilege of landing at Hong Kong’s new international airport after a flight time of 15 hours and 35 minutes.

Now you have a chance to own a piece of this great aviation history. This up-cycled aircraft skin tag available in 2 colours:

Cathay Pacific B747 "Uniform-Juliet" White Tag

Cathay Pacific B747 "Uniform-Juliet" Light Blue Tag

Get your very own piece of Aviation History today!

Cathay Pacific B747 Uniform-Juliet B747 Light BlueCathay Pacific B747 Uniform-Juliet B747 Light Blue

Cathay Pacific B747 "Uniform-Juliet"


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