Our Partnership with Offset Earth to fight Climate Change

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Aviamart Forest


On the 5th of June we celebrate World Environment Day - the day when we spread awareness and encourage action for the protection of our environment. This year we are proud to announce that we have joined the Offset Earth project. Offset Earth is a platform that allows people like us (and you) to help fight climate change. We are making up for some of our carbon footprint by signing up to Offset Earth and funding various climate change projects around the world as well as planting trees. To date we have 34 trees planted on our behalf in the Amazon Rainforest.
Fighting climate change on a global scale nowadays is a must, but sometimes could feel distant and unfeasible. It is very important for us to feel connected to the impact we are making, this is why we are very excited that from this month we will be supporting tree planting in Scotland. This project is situated 30 mins outside Glasgow, in Dalry and we will be given gps coordinates for each tree planted.  The trees and money will go towards creating a sustainable vivacious environment for forest ecosystem.

We will be posting more updates throughout our journey so sign up to our email and be the first to know about our initiatives and in the meantime follow the link if you would like to see Aviamart Forest.


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