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Jet 2 Aircraft G-CELH

B737 with Registration G-CELH was delivered to Lufthansa in October 1986. Originally registered under D-ABXD and named "Siegen" (English "Win"), after decade of flying for German's Flag Ship Carrier,  in 1998 it was leased to Air Atlanta Airways for a year. During this brief ownership the aircraft flown for Saudi Arabian Airlines and British Airways.

Jet 2 B737 Aircraft Skin Tag in Silver

However, in Nov 1998 the aircraft was returned back to Lufthansa Airlines where it has continued flying for Lufthansa until 2004 when Jet 2 became the new owner. Only then the aircraft was registered under its final registration number - G-CELH and named Jet 2 "FARO". After 14 years of service for UK Holiday Airline in 2018 the aircraft was retired and stored at Lasham Airport where it eventually has reborn as an Aviation tag. 


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