Top 5 Must Have Apps for Airline Crew

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In a world where technology rules, more and more of us are turning to mobile apps to help us manage our busy lifestyles, but for anyone working within the aviation industry, they are all but essential. Airline Crew Apps not only help busy flight attendants and pilots plan their flying schedules, manage their middle-of-the-night wake-up calls, and source important destination information such as the best places to eat, but they can also help them organise precious time with family and friends when they are not at 38,000ft, and so they are invaluable for airline crew and pilots alike If you are struggling to synchronise your social life with unsociable working hours and prolonged periods away from home, these Top 5 Must Have Aviation Apps for Airline Crew could help you get back on track:

Must Have Mobile Apps for Airline Crew


Described by its developers at “The #1 Crew App” Roster Buster is an innovative mobile application that allows you to download your flying roster, share it with friends and colleagues, export it to a PDF, and even synchronise it with your Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar, or desktop PC. The Roster Buster App currently supports over 400 airlines worldwide, and the Starter Pack is free to use. With direct access to your flying schedule and that of your airline colleagues, you can easily plan a layover rendezvous and catch-up for a coffee. 

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Roster Buster App

IOS Roster Buster App Android Roster Buster App


Very useful for those 3 am wake-up calls, the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock App wakes you up when you feel most rested. It does this by identifying the five sleep states and initiating a wake-up phase that wakes you softly as if waking up naturally so that you are fully awake by the time your alarm sounds. It takes a little while to get used to, but once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be amazed at just how refreshed you feel at 4 am. Just be careful with the snooze buttons, and if you are prone to pressing them more than you should, disable them all together!




Flight Radar 24 is one of the most popular aviation apps used today. A global flight tracking service that allows you to track your departures and arrivals in real time, it is an essential tool for cabin crew and pilots. The Flightradar24 App is free to download and easy to use. You can track a flight by flight number, route, airport, or even the aircraft registration number, and you can access the app online or via your Smartphone. Especially helpful when disruptions occur, it will help you stay up-to-speed on any new developments.

Flight Radar 24 IOS App

Flight Radar 24 IOS AppFlight Radar 24 Android App

#4 Lonely Planet APP

Find out everything you need to know about your final destination with the Lonely Planet APP. Designed to help you explore a world of possibilities, it highlights the best places to eat, the most famous sights to visit, and it will even tell you where to shop for local goods. This cabin crew app is free to use, so download it to your iPhone or Android and explore new destinations before you arrive.

Lonely Planet Mobile App

Lonely Planet IOS AppLonely Planet Android App


Are you tired of long, boring train rides and airport transfers? If so, why not invest in the Amazon Audible App. The perfect mobile application for flight attendants who love to read, but don't have time to pick up a book, it provides instant access to audio books by inspiring authors, intrepid travellers, and the worlds’ best storytellers. The first 30-days are free, so you can try before you buy, and if you do decide to subscribe, there are various plans available to suit every budget. 

Audible Mobile App

Audible IOS AppAudible Android App

Which apps are you using on daily basis? We’d love to hear what mobile applications use to make life in the air and on the ground that little bit easier. Drop us a line and let us know, and we’ll feature it in our next Aviation Apps blog post!

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